Darkest Dungeon is cheap this week, new class mods make it a must buy

Red Hook Studios' Darkest Dungeon is one of the hardest yet most enjoyable games I've ever played—an experience that's been bolstered over time by its range of neat player-made mods. The base game is subject to a 60 percent discount on Steam till Friday, and there are a number of cool new class mods which make it worth checking out. 

Steven's already sung the praises of Dark Souls' iconic sun-praiser, while I enjoyed sending Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Lockheart into the depths of the darkest dungeons. Now, Sadbady's Corvian Knight adds a cool bleed-blighting, ACC debuffing class that lets players heal over time and also leverage a deadly low HP maneuver. Moreover, Exaelus' Harbinger Class Mod adds a character that echoes "The Lich King from Warcraft, Witch King from Lord of the Rings and Night King from Game of Thrones."

Marvin Seo's Lamia Class Mod is well worth a look, and while I've not had the chance to play Balgin Stondraeg's The Twilight Knight, it comes with some rich lore and a host of camping and combat skills. 

As for Darkest Dungeon's discount, it's going for £7.59/$9.99 with 60 percent off. Its Ancestral Bundle—which includes the base game, its soundtrack and its Crimson Court DLC—is also on sale for £16.89/$23.37 with a 49 percent reduction. Darkest Dungeon is discounted on Steam now through Friday, October 6.