This Darkest Dungeon mod adds Dark Souls' greatest praiser of the sun

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The dank crypts and decrepit cellars of Darkest Dungeon are horrific places in need of some gross incandescence, and this mod is the perfect solution. It adds an entire new class inspired by Solaire of Astora, the Warrior of Sunlight who ascended to Dark Souls fame thanks to his zealous adoration of bright objects. Complete with a gorgeous Darkest Dungeon-style skin and abilities inspired by Dark Souls, it's a fantastic mixup of two brutally punishing games.

Created by Steam user Carnifex, the Warrior of Sunlight is all about "smart gameplay" instead of raw stats. As the description reads, "he relies on a mixture of smart positioning, stunning, and guarding his allies."

His abilities are sure to please any Souls fan. Sunlight Spear, for example, is a ranged attack that does more damage depending on what position the Warrior of Sunlight has in the party. Way of the White allows the Warrior to leap in front of an ally and take damage for them. While camping, the Warrior of Sunlight can use Undead Curse, which allows him to defy death at the cost of going slowly insane. I can't think of a more perfect homage to Dark Souls.

A cool twist is that leveling any of his attack abilities to rank five costs significantly more but grants skill mastery, giving each ability an additional buff. For example, when the Warrior of Light uses Way of the White to take a hit for an ally, he'll also grant them a buff to their stress resistance. But my favorite part of this mod is easily the artwork from AceroSteel. It suits Darkest Dungeon's grim comic book aesthetic perfectly.

You can download the mod off the Steam Workshop or Nexus mods here. 

Steven Messner

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