Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Lockhart invades Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon has supported mods via its corner of Nexus since its Early Access launch in 2015. But since committing to Steam Workshop earlier this year, a whole host of new projects have cropped up—not least the class mod that adds Dark Souls' greatest praiser of the sun

Now, one modder has introduced Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Lockhart to Red Hook Studios' brutally unforgiving dungeon crawler. 

Like Solaire above, Muscarine's Tifa Lockhart Class Mod not only adds Tifa's likeness—à la the Geralt skin included here—but also adds traits and abilities akin to dive bar-owning Avalanche member. Echoing the New Threat PC mod which makes Tifa more powerful in tandem with lost health, the same applies here as she dons the form of a Beserker. 

In turn, Muscarine notes that Tifa will lose up to ten percent of her current level's base health which each special attack undertaken, and that overdoing it can kill her. Minor Limit Breaks cost around six percent, medium Dolphin Blows cost around eight percent, and Leviathan and Final Heaven cost around ten percent—with the latter immediately ending your turn.    

"So on top of the skill cost you get another six percent HP loss for triggering the transform skill," says Muscarine. "Effectively Leviathan and Final Heaven cost ten percent plus six percent of your current level base HP (if your skills are on the same level), and in the form of a double proc, meaning you can trigger death door twice. Leviathan applies health loss per target, so if you hit four targets you get the maximum ten percent HP loss."

Moreover, a "full transform burst"—i.e. Limit Break, followed by Dolphin Blow then Leviathan, can cost around 30 percent HP from your remaining 66 percent HP.  To this end, Muscarine adds: "Hence why you have to be extra careful with how you use these skills otherwise you can absolutely kill her."

More information on Muscarine's Tifa Lockhart Class Mod, including installation instructions, can be found on both the mod's Nexus and Steam Workshop pages.