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Dark Souls 'Rekindled Edition' mod will make the game near unrecognisable

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Dark Souls launched on PC over five years ago, yet still produces loads of neat user-made mods. Recent examples that've caught our eye include the Item Randomizer mod, Enemy Placement, Shovel Souls, and Boss Rush mode, to name but a few. 

The latest is a work-in-progress by LordofSandvich, named 'Rekindled Edition', that tweaks over 350 aspects of the base game.

First launched earlier this year, the mod's most recent 2.2 update—Dark Souls Gameplay Rebalance—includes eight new classes and makes multiple tweaks across hundreds of weapons, armour, items, spells, rings, enemies and much more. The full list of adjustments can be viewed here—but one of my favourites has to be the fact those pesky Blowdart Snipers of Blighttown now "only deal 45 toxic buildup." 

Moving forward, LordofSandvich wants to continue adding to the above while also changing certain weapon movesets or adding new ones entirely. 

The creator also wants to change certain boss resistances, in order to make them more viable—"e.g. Quelaag, the Four Kings, and Seath are all immune to poison, toxic, and bleed, while the Asylum Demon family's resistances make sense for the most part"—and also wants to rename items and weapons to better reflect their likeness in the real world.  

Check out the mod via its Nexus Mods page