Dark Souls Boss Rush mod now has script console [Updated]

Update 2: Wulf2k's Dark Souls Boss Rush mod has grown further still, this time adding a scripting console. 

Aimed at players who fancy revisiting previous fights without the desire to boss rush per se, the mod's creator suggests the player-as-Pinwheel footage featured below is but an example of what the scripting console can do. Wulf2k in turn hopes it is "easy enough for people to start working on their own scripts."  

The creator also says the script syntax is in the process of being documented via this spreadsheet, and that the pinwheel scenario script is as follows:  

SetEventFlag 6, False
WarpNextStage_Bonfire 1300999
wait 1000
wait 200
warp_coords 42.88, -144.56, 236.94
camreset 10000, 1
setdisable 6550, 0
wait 100
intvar1 = chrfadein 6550, 0, 0
forceentitydrawgroup intvar1
warpentity_coords intvar1, 46.0, -165.8, 152.02, 180
warp_coords 46.0, -165.8, 152.02
camreset 10000, 1
enablelogic 6550, 1
enablelogic 10000, 0
setdrawenable 10000, 0
setdrawenable 6550, 1
intvar1 = chrfadein 1300800, 0, 0
setdisable 10000, 1
controlentity intvar1, 1
camfocusentity intvar1
wait 1000

Which should translate to this in practice (skip to 3.13):

Wulf2k notes that there's "still lots more to do", however I for one have enjoyed seeing their Boss Rush mod grow since inception last month.  

Update 1: Souls modder Wulf2k has updated their Boss Rush mod so that consecutive enemy bashing no longer compromises the progress of players' main game character runs. 

Instead, saving is now disabled until players restart their games. Wulf also notes that the mod is as yet without inventory management, but that stats can be tinkered with manually by paying mind to a couple of provisos.  

Here's the skinny as per Wulf's instruction:

"The boss rush mode now has 800% less epilepsy. I'd appreciate a few people trying out the new boss rush intro piece and confirming that it works well for them.

"Another huge point of importance in this version, the boss rush mod will now disable saving when it attaches to Dark Souls until you restart the game. This will allow you to use your existing characters for the boss rush without screwing up their progress.

"There's no inventory management yet, but you can manage your stats manually from the interface. Doing so will flag you as a cheater in Watchdog if you try to do MP after, so restart the game when you're done.

"For anybody that's failing to warp, it's appearing to be an issue with full screen mode taking too long to switch back from the interface. Try it with windowed mode, preferably borderless full screen and let me know if that fixes things."

Interested in that? Head in this direction for the new download link.

Original story: 

Souls' bosses are harbingers of dread and death. However, in between each one, you're met with a whole bunch of much smaller, equally intimidating death dealers. Wulf2k's Boss Rush mod intends on eliminating that busy work by letting you fight one boss after another.

However, the Boss Rush mod also lets you select a specific boss, if you just want to take down the likes of the Asylum Demon or the Bell Gargoyles. All you need to do is download the file from the Reddit post, load a character, and then use the program's menu to kick off your Boss Rush—remember to always practice caution when downloading executables off the internet though. Wulf notes in his Reddit post that if it doesn't cooperate with Dark Souls, then you should run it as an administrator. 

Wulf also advises players to avoid using characters that you'll be sad to lose progress with. The Boss Rush mod messes with event flags and could very well leave your character's world in disarray, making it so you can't actually finish the game. Wulf also acknowledges there will be bugs, so if you come across any, you can report them here.

If you do go all the way and attempt a Boss Rush, then you'll accrue souls over the course of it. Wulf says that they're an indicator of your final time, a lower number of souls being better than a higher one.

This isn't Wulf's first Dark Souls mod either. They made the Dark Souls Connectivity Mod, which "fixes the broken matchmaking by facilitating connections via DSCM-net," according to its Nexus Mods page.