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Dark Souls annual Return to Lordran event starts next week

Dark Souls is set to host its annual 'Return to Lordran' event next week, with players the world over set to, well, return to Lordran. 

Due to kick off on October 4, From Software's original 2011 (2012 on PC) Dark Souls will be repopulated with summon signs, red phantoms and misleading glowing orange messages. Here's the official skinny:

Return to Lordran is an annual event that was kick started by 'Global Restart Day,' a community event that we held in June 2016 to celebrate /r/DarkSouls hitting 100,000 subscribers. This event focused on Dark Souls players, both old veterans and newcomers, playing Dark Souls 1 at the same time of the same day, creating new characters, and enjoying the game as if it had just released. The most important aspect of the event is to participate in online activity - whether you choose to help out a fellow undead or ruin his day with an invasion is entirely up to you.

All of which means if you're yet to best Miyazaki's debut PC Souls outing, now's the time to call upon random online pals and take down Ornstein and Smough or Gwyn or whichever of the game's nightmarish beasts that've proved impenetrable before now.

Keep your eyes fixed on the Dark Souls Reddit for news on co-op challenges and speedruns. And, if you're a series veteran after some hard fought PvP, a number of player-run community events are planned. Expect these to pop up in and around popular dueling spots such as atop Sen's Fortress, within Darkroot Garden, or down in Oolacile Township.

Return to Lordran 2017 kicks off on Wednesday, October 4 at 3pm PST/11pm BST, and will continue through October 26. Information on how to be featured on the official Return to Lordran Twitch stream can be found here.