Dark Souls 3 patch adds new maps, buffs heavy armour, nerfs poison

Last week, a Dark Souls 3 livestream teased some of the new features heading to Lothric by way of its second The Ringed City DLC. A substantial patch is en route to the base game this Friday—which From Software and Bandai Namco have now outlined via extensive patch notes. 

Update 1.1 lands on March 24, and will see PC servers down for maintenance from 8am-10am GMT/1am-3am PST and everything in between. 

Besides the Dragon Ruins and Grand Roof PvP areas previously detailed, a host of tweaks and adjustments befall matchmaking, such as a new function that allows "one team of players to match with one password, and the other team to match with another password"—something which should in turn make partnering with pals much easier. 

The update will also usher in a number of bug fixes, as well as a range of alterations to animations and attack motions. The correction value for Sharp and/or Heavy weapons upgrades has been improved, as has the Bleed build-up of Blood infusions and the Poison build-up of Poison infusions. 

"Along with improving correction value for Sharp or Heavy weapons' upgrade, adjusted correction value for Refined weapons' upgrade," reads update 1.1's patch notes. It adds: "Improved defense and also increased weights for heavy armor."

Dark Souls 3's 1.1 update rolls out at 2pm GMT/7pm PST on Friday March 24, and its full list of patch notes can be viewed here. Its Ringed City DLC—the game's second and final portion of DLC—is due one week from today on Tuesday, March 28.