Cyberpunk 2077 VR mod set to launch 'by the end of this week'

(Image credit: CDPR)

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a VR compatibility mod later this week, courtesy of VR modder Luke Ross.

Originally slated for release in January, the mod, known as Cyberpunk 2077 R.E.A.L VR, adds support for VR head-tracking to CD Projekt's open world RPG. It doesn't add VR controller support, however, instead relying on more traditional control schemes.

You can see the mod in action via the video below, which shows off five minutes of VR-enhanced Cyberpunk play. In the video, Ross looks around the environments, demonstrates map and menu navigation, drives around Night City in both first-and-third person, and of course, gets into a big ol' gunfight.

In a Patreon post accompanying the video, Ross breaks down some key points regarding the footage. He notes that performance is "quite good for such a complex and modern game." stating he got around 60fps while recording at 2700x2700 resolution, and 80-90fps in general play. Then again, Ross' rig is pretty beefy, shooting the video on a Core i9-9900k and RTX 3090.

Interestingly, Ross also claims the game looks best in VR on low resolution. "The clarity and level of detail you can achieve in this way are simply astounding." Conversely, bumping up the settings to higher presents "actually makes  for a hazier view in VR." He particularly notes the quality of Cyberpunk's panoramas, stating "The views are just majestic", which is intriguing considering VR is usually at its weakest when rendering at distance.

The remaining bullet points mostly see Ross confirming that various features work in VR, like driving, photo mode, and braindance sequences. One key point explains movement controls, with Ross clarifying that "You will be able to turn either with your gamepad stick (smooth turning) or simply by looking in the direction you want to go". Aiming with weapons, meanwhile "follows your gaze, with the sights "perfectly aligned with your dominant eye."

Ross didn't provide a precise release date, but stated to PC Gamer via email that the mod "should be out by the end of this week." It's also worth noting that this isn't the only VR mod Ross has created, with his other projects including adding VR support to Mafia Trilogy and Red Dead Redemption 2.