Cyberpunk 2077 frame by frame trailer series examines that weird, mouthless cyborg

Cyberpunk 2077's frame by frame breakdown of its E3 trailer rolls on with its seventh and eighth episode. Cross-examine the information below with the footage above, and revisit our everything we learned from E3 2018 and more hub for everything we've gathered so far. 

The trailer series' episode seven first looks at the makeup-applying robot that's missing the lower portion of its face. The scene features in the trailer above around the 49 second mark.

"Even though cybernetic prosthetics were originally developed for practical and medical purposes, they’ve since become a matter of lifestyle choice," explains CD Projekt Red. "In 2077, cyberware has become as commonplace as tattoos and jewelry. The reasons for installing it are many and varied, including simple tech upgrades, combat enhancements, and even fashion statements. 

"The possession of trendy cyberware has become an integral and defining part of Night City culture. Uniqueness is just another form of currency. To make it big, you need to look the part. Style is everything."

Episode seven then turns its attention to the angry-looking gunman who cops a few headshots around 1.18. 

"RealSkinn technology—synthetic skin designed to cover cybernetic implants," says the devs. And here was me thinking he was simply a right hard bastard. 

Onto episode eight, and its focus, pardon the pun, begins with the gang member forcibly removing a rival's eye at 1.12.

"Night City has seen its share of gang warfare over the years. Night City gangs vary by structure, hierarchies, and backgrounds," reads the post. "Organized crime in this town is driven primarily by violence. There’s an ever-present need to prove oneself. Self-actualization through violence is a philosophy followed by many in society. At the bottom, physical brutality settles most disputes. At the top, corporations do whatever’s necessary to maintain both hard and soft power. Here, fear is king."

We're then shown the underground club scene, where a group of revellers observer a Black Mirror-esque four-legged robot.

"Below Deck," the post adds. "An underwater-themed club opened in a former aquarium."

Look out for more of these breakdowns as we get them. I've linked to this a few times now, but I like it so I'm going to do so again—check out Gareth Damian Martin's look at the origins of Cyberpunk 2077.