Cyberpunk 2077 devs announce that they'll announce something about Phantom Liberty in June

Back when it was first revealed, the hope was that Cyberpunk 2077 would revolutionize the genre, and maybe even gaming as a whole. That's not quite what happened, in part because the launch had more bugs than Starship Troopers. Performance issues, cars running into stuff, getting softlocked in the tutorial, weird children. It was a mess.

Thankfully, the redemption arc for Cyberpunk is real. With multitudes of bug fixes, content updates, and the transformative patch 1.6 behind us, as well as the massive success of the Cyberpunk anime, it seems as though things are finally getting in order for the game. So it's with a certain amount of tentative excitement I look toward CD Projekt's only planned DLC, Phantom Liberty.

We haven't heard much since a pretty sick trailer at the Game Awards last year, but the official Cyberpunk Twitter account revealed the "exciting news" today that we'll learn more about Phantom Liberty in June.

Now an announcement of future announcements is kind of like your dad telling you he'll tell you about something when you're older—deeply unsatisfying, and only serves to make you more curious. It's not exactly a big surprise that we won't hear anything until June, though, it being the month every videogame company likes to market their games. Although, as we've just learned, it won't be at E3.

Cyberpunk is a flawed game, but we did like it, even in its buggier original form—we gave it a 78%. Phantom Liberty's journey is supposed to be one of hard bitten espionage and survival, but hopefully they find time to include some of those human moments that made the base game special.