Here's when to expect the Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 patch to release in your time zone

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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty may be getting all the buzz right now for being excellent and starring Idris Elba, the only guy cooler than Keanu Reeves—but I'm actually more excited about Cyberpunk's giganto 2.0 update. Cyberpunk 2.0 releases on September 21, several days before Phantom Liberty, with a huge list of changes and additions. The 2.0 patch adds vehicle combat, reworks the skill trees and player progression, cyberware, and police AI, and so much more it's practically a new game even before Phantom Liberty gets bolted on.

We know Cyberpunk 2077 patch 2.0 goes live on September 21, but CD Projekt Red hasn't said exactly when it's pressing the button. Thanks to a community manager, though, we know roughly when it should be dropping. Here's when we expect it to land in your time zone.

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 2.0 release time

According to CD Projekt community manager Lilayah, the 2.0 update will be available "close to the end" of a celebratory livestream on September 21, which begins at 4pm CEST. If the livestream lasts an hour, that means you can expect the patch to drop at or a little before 8am Pacific on Thursday.

This is in line with CD Projekt's standard playbook when it hosts a livestream to discuss a big patch. The release will follow the stream's breakdown of all the new features in patch 2.0.

Assuming the stream lasts an hour and the patch release does come right at the end, here's when to expect Cyberpunk 2.0 to be available for download in a bunch of time zones.

  • 8 am PDT, September 21 (Los Angeles)
  • 11 am EDT, September 21 (New York)
  • 4 pm BST, September 21 (London)
  • 5 pm CEST, September 21 (Warsaw)
  • 11 pm HKT, September 21 (Hong Kong)
  • 1 am AEST, September 22 (Sydney)

If your timezone isn't listed, hit this link for a quick and easy conversion.

We've already spent a chunk of time testing update 2.0 and have come away impressed with the changes, particularly with the police system, cyberware and, well, kinda everything else.

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