Cultist Simulator launch trailer confirms a late-May release date (Update)

Cultist Simulator is a narrative digital card game that tells sinister stories about Lovecraftian horrors—"a game of apocalypse and yearning"—and if that leaves you at all confused then I would suggest having a look at our up-close preview of the game from last month. Alternatively, you can dive straight into a look at the game in action courtesy of today's launch trailer, called "Penetrate the House" for some reason, which showcases adversaries, exploration, beguiling followers, and the Moonlit Road. 

Cultist Simulator is the first game from Weather Factory, a studio launched by Fallen London creator and Failbetter Games founder Alexis Kennedy. Kennedy left Failbetter in 2016, after which he contributing writing to Stellaris and BioWare's next, still-unannounced Dragon Age game. Cultist Simulator was unveiled in September 2016 and was successfully Kickstarted a year later, and based on what we've seen of it so far Kennedy's distinct narrative style is out in full force. To wit, "Bars Across the Sun":

"The nature of my crimes was vague, and the trial contentious. But there is a consensus that I have done something I should not. I wish it could have been different. I wish that I could have done *everything* I should not."

Publisher Humble Bundle has confirmed that Cultist Simulator will be out on May 31. Find out more at

Update: I had originally indicated that the release was delayed slightly, as it had been scheduled for a May 8 launch on Steam. I have since been gently informed that the situation is slightly more nuanced than it first appeared.

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