How to attack on CS:GO’s Mirage map

Take control over mid

The best way to give your team options is to take control over mid. From there you can choose to attack either site and you'll even have time to change your mind should anything go south. The most obvious spot you want to clear is the window room. A simple yet effective smoke from T-spawn is all it takes.

That smoke won't cover the infamous connector-to-top-of-mid-peek. If you want to get over to the boxes in mid you can use another smoke from spawn, followed by a molotov into window. This will allow you to go for that peek towards catwalk. It's also a good way to make room for your Impossible Missions Force, led by your very own Ethan Hunt, to go through underpass and boost up into the window room.

Most of the time you want to go for a split when you attack B, because of the tight choke point in apartments. When you do just that I'd recommend that you use the smoke in window room as well as a smoke from B-apps to connector. Note that the counter-terrorists can stand inside connector and see you if they're on the right hand side. Just prefire that angle as you move towards catwalk and you should be fine. The guys over at A-site won't be able to see you over the smoke.

The rest of your team will join the party from apartments. A flash that I like to use when pushing apartments to B is the one through the window. Time this one with a flash from catwalk and you should be able to kill the guy around pillar and then take the rest of the site.

If you manage to take control over the site early on you can leave one player inside apartments. That's one of the strongest post-plant positions. Not only can you make sure no one can sneak up on you, but you'll also be able to run the clock down in a one versus one situation.

Eco round

Eco rounds

'Eco round' is short for 'economic round'. That's a round where you buy little to no items. The purpose is to save money so that you can afford the big toys later.

Your objective here is to plant the bomb. That extra $800 per player can turn the tide of a game. Buy two smoke grenades and move towards T-ramp. You'll also have one player inside palace, who'll try to distract the guy on top of stairs while you plant the bomb. Throw a smoke over to jungle/connector like I demonstrated at the beginning of this guide. The other smoke will be used like this:

Plant the bomb inside that smoke. You can make sure the bomb carrier buys one of the smokes as the personal plant bonus of $300 will cover the expense. If you're really low on money then you can buy a flash and throw it through the window in B-apartments and then just go ham with a full team rush. Just make sure you move silently before the push or you'll be screwed faster than you can say bomb plant. Like always, try to have a plan and communicate a lot and you should be able to put up decent numbers.

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