​How to defend on CS:GO’s Cobblestone map

Creative B-plays

If you decide to play with only one player at A, you will have four players at your disposal for some really creative B-plays. For starters you want to go for less obvious angles and try your best to cause communication breakdown (great song, great band, great hair!) and force the terrorists to check more angles. Boosting a player up on top of the cube is one way to achieve this effect. That player will also be able to peek over most of the smokes that the terrorists might use:

If your opponents have a tendency to push long B, you can slow them down with a smoke, followed by a molotov and a flash. Stand next to the cube and throw the smoke. After that you can line up the molotov and call for a flashbang from a teammate. What will happen is that your enemies will get blinded and hopefully back off to the corner just outside arch. If that's the case, they won't know that they're slowly burning to death!

Even if they don't you will slow down the push, allowing both the A-player to move in from behind and the guys around drop to be a little creative. Used with proper timing the boost from drop room can be lethal, but remember: it's a risk! First of all you want to lay down a smoke screen before you boost, unless the boost is used to peek for information. Try to smoke sometimes even if you don't boost. That way it will be more difficult for the terrorists to read the play when you actually go for it.

Drop room can be quite tricky to defend. I like to have one player just outside and one close to connector, ready to assist. If you stand inside drop, chances are you will get flashed and subsequently killed without being able to help your team at all that round. This flash can work wonders. Try it a few times and you'll get the timing right. If the terrorists turn their backs, you will turn those backs into swiss cheese. If they don't, they won't be able see a thing and you can just finish them off.

Be careful!

It's tempting to hide inside the hen house and try to be a little sneaky. But remember that a single molotov will force you out in the open to a very disadvantageous position where you can consider yourself lucky if you're able to fire even a single bullet.

You have to be careful when you try to lurk around the map. If the A-player gets caught with his pants down, you might not have enough time to rotate over to A. And even if you do, they might turn around and attack B instead. Cobblestone is a map where you really need all your players alive until your opponents commit to one site.

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