Defending CS:GO's Cache map as Counter-Terrorists

Almost-as-dynamic duo in mid

It’s often good to have one guy close to garage, ready to pop vent and assist on B or sneak up behind soon-to-be-surprised terrorists and go for the backstab. To make this possible, you need one guy further back around white box, sandbags or connector to assist with flashbangs and other utility grenades. Maybe even an AWP. But make sure you sometimes play with two players further back. If the terrorists are able to read your aggressive play, they can put up a smoke wall in mid, walk out of garage and completely obliterate the poor guy below vent.

If you know that your fearless enemies have pushed out of garage, you can use this flash and hopefully pick up a kill or two. All enemies looking at white box will be flashed, regardless of the angle.

Sometimes one of the mid players can go for a cool play in vent, especially if you have an AWPer, who then can focus on boost and leave garage to the vent guy. We’ll come back to this soon.

Solo B defense: the glorious hero of your team

The player on the B-site must be smart. They will need to both spot the attack in time and survive long enough for the rotation to move in. To do this they can dance with the terrorists using the site boxes. They might even be able to pick up a kill or two.

It’s true that it’s much easier to hold B with two players, but as long as you have a rotation ready you can enjoy the benefits of having two players in both mid and on A without paying too high a price.

Remember that vent play I mentioned earlier? The mid player will need the glorious hero on B to boost them into vents. The B player can use this smoke and possibly a flashbang as well before boosting.

You might feel quite lonely at times when you play B, but you have to stay there until you're certain the terrorists will attack A. I have lost a lot of rounds because I rotated too early from B.

What if the terrorists manage to control mid round after round?

It is believed that Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you notice that you continuously fail to hold mid, don't contest it. Place an AWP behind quad to defend highway, like this:

Cache Defense AWP Position

One player will remain hidden inside connector so that they can hear steps in mid. If they come close, they can use this flash and go for a kill.

If you choose this approach you can either have three players on A or two players on B.


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