Crusader Kings 3 already has 100 mods, including a Vampire: The Masquerade total conversion

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Crusader Kings 3 only launched yesterday, so when I popped over to the Steam Workshop I wasn't expecting much. A few tweaks here and there, maybe. Now I'm drinking my way through Europe as an undead arsehole in a total conversion mod inspired by the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade. 

Princes of Darkness lets you play as a 13th century vampire, with all the powers that come with it. Immortality, blood magic, supernatural seduction—there's a big list of vampiric traits and abilities, as well as whole new lifestyle trees. With Crusader Kings 3's religious system, you can customise your undead culture with special tenets and doctrines, setting your own rules for the Masquerade. There's a lot to it, and it started out as a Crusader Kings 2 mod, so it's already pretty developed. 

I'm currently mucking around as a Tremere sorcerer, squaring off with the Tzimisce and turning my human pals into vampires. Even in just a few years I've seen loads of new events, and the whole being-a-vampire thing seeps into everything. The most noticeable thing it's missing is vampire character models, but that's going to be considerably trickier than changing its predecessors portraits. 

The Bronze Age: Maryannu is another total conversion mod, kicking the action back a few thousand years. It boasts ancient religious tenets, so you can play as a Pharaoh, visit the oracles and pick patron deities. There are new (but really old) innovations like chariots, overhauled buildings and more features in development. Character models mostly still look the same, though there's already some Pharaoh clothing, with more to come. 

Almost 100 mods have already appeared on Steam Workshop, though most of them don't approach the scale of Princes of Darkness and The Bronze Age, yet. This custom ruler designer is well worth a look, and there's also this remake of one of Crusader Kings 2's more divisive expansions: Sunset Invasion.

I guess I've got a lot of mods to play this week. Keep an eye out for some proper recommendations soon!

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