Crossing Souls' launch trailer is a delightfully lo-fi cartoon

Unabashedly '80s adventure game Crossing Souls has been on our radar since it was successfully Kickstarted in 2014, and it's come a long way since. A free demo was released last week, and a behind-the-scenes developer diary the week before that. Yesterday, developer Fourattic dropped the game's long-awaited launch trailer, flaunting the same old-style cartoon funk that first caught our attention. 

Sam spent around nine hours finishing Crossing Souls' story and found it to be a nostalgic, retro romp that's held up by variety and tributes, but often let down by its unoriginal writing. Have a look at our full review for more details, and remember to try the demo for yourself if you're on the fence. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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