Go behind the scenes of '80s-style action-adventure Crossing Souls

Fourattic are a Spanish studio who ran a successful Kickstarter for their game Crossing Souls, which looks like the Goonies and Fat Albert and maybe Stranger Things all mashed up together. It's about kids in the '80s getting into hijinx, which involves a magic crystal that lets them travel to the land of the dead. As you do.

This behind-the-scenes documentary doesn't contain a huge amount of new info about the game, but it does have some insights into what it's like being an indie studio in Spain. Fourattic have an office in Seville (no longer in a literal attic), and like indie developers around the world they've become part of a local community that supports each other.

They've also had help from Devolver Digital, who are publishing Crossing Souls. It's a game with an '80s aesthetic and a rad soundtrack, so it seems like a good fit for Devolver's portfolio.

Crossing Souls will be available via Steam on February 13.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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