Creative Assembly shows off hag lore, three-headed heroes, and other additions coming to Total War: Warhammer 3's DLC

Shadows of Change units
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We've already seen the new additions to Cathay's roster in the Shadows of Change DLC coming with patch 4.2, and now Creative Assembly has posted two more blogs lining up all the new stuff coming to the armies of Tzeentch and Kislev. It's a lot.

Worshippers of the Great Conspirator Tzeentch are already well-off when it comes to magical strength, but will be getting forces added to buff their melee strength as well. The Chaos Lord of Tzeentch and the Exalted Hero of Tzeentch are frontline characters who can go toe-to-toe with the enemy while your sorcerers hide behind the lines where they belong. The Exalted Hero is a particularly characterful character inspired by an old tabletop figure—he's a three-headed warrior in shiny Chaos armor. 

Tzeentch also gets a dedicated unit of Chaos-worshiping centaurs called the Centigors of Tzeentch and flying flamers called Changebringers, who have been sourced from tabletop Warhammer's Storm of Chaos campaign. They're apparently "one of the best flying missile units in the game."

The Kislevites, meanwhile, get more magic, with a whole new lore for Mother Ostankya called the Lore of Hags. My favorite spell from this batch is witchbrew, which summons a giant cauldron that pours "the Motherland's boundless wrath" down on her enemies. 

On the character side they get a legendary hero called Naryska Leysa, the Golden Knight, and a new lord type called the Druzhina. As is fitting for Warhammer, which has ever been a game about ordinary people as well as warriors in oversized shoulderplates, he's just a man with a fur hat and a large axe who runs one of Kislev's outer settlements. On the unit side Kislev gets Kislevite Warriors, who are also extremely ordinary dudes who happen to have halberds and fill the gap for a specialized tier-one melee unit. "We’ve taken inspiration in their design from older Mordheim miniatures", Creative assembly says.

Scaling things back up, Kislev also gets a monstrous unit in the Frost Wyrm, which is a real Monster Hunter-looking beast. Finally, while all of these additions will be part of the Shadows of Change DLC, the "FreeLC" released alongside them will give the Ice Queen Katarina an Ice Court Sled to ride when she'd like a break from charging into battle on a polar bear.

Patch 4.2 will be out on February 22, with the full patch notes arriving the day before.

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