Costume Quest 2 officially announced, arrives this Halloween

Costume Quest 2 is really happening, according to an interview Double Fine 's Tim Schafer gave to IGN . A direct follow-up to 2010's Costume Quest, the sequel will have “more costumes” and “deeper combat.” Brother-and-sister duo Wren and Reynold also return as the main characters fighting their way through Halloween and collecting absurd amounts of candy.

“It's the game that can't be late,” Schafer told IGN . “Unless we can get everyone to agree to slip Halloween itself.” Releasing a game specifically tied to a holiday is a bit uncommon, but Schafer thinks it's also given Costume Quest a portion of the calendar to stake as its own, again and again. “There was a feeling at the time of, like, 'well this is limiting the game, it's only going to be played at Halloween.' But it's also going to be played next Halloween. And the next Halloween. Some people play it every year on Halloween. I do.”

The original Costume Quest married adventure game exploration and traditional RPG battle modes, wrapping them together in a childish Halloween layer. If you've never played it, you should fix that— it's only $10/£7 .

Costume Quest 2 will be released for consoles and PC sometime before, of course, Halloween 2014. The game is being published by new indie publisher Midnight City . Head over to IGN for the full interview .