Cortex Command gets Steam Workshop, renewed development commitment in update

Cortex Command is one of those indie games that's in perpetual development. Data Realms founder Daniel Tabar released version 1.0 before Early Access was a thing. We reviewed it poorly, and Tabar admits that the game wasn't really ready to launch. The nice thing is that he and his team never stopped taking feedback from the community and improving it, as the big build 30 update makes clear.

Cortex Command, if you've never heard of it, is a 2D side-scrolling action game with a strategic twist. You play as the brain of an underground base and can jump into and control different units. You gather resources, build new units, arm them, and order them to take out an enemy base.

The most important part of build 30 is that Cortex Command now works with Steam Workshop, meaning its active modding community is now easy to take advantage of. The other big additions are Steam Achievements and Squad Control, which allows you to move and fire with several units at once.

If you're already a dedicated Cortex Commander you probably want to take a look at the detailed change log , and if you never heard of it, Tabar's build 30 video is a good intro to the game and its history.