Corsair's K68 RGB mechanical keyboard is on sale for $85

Corsair's K68 RGB mechanical keyboard is on sale for $85
Save $35 on this mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red key switches. (Image credit: Corsair)

That cheap keyboard that came with your PC might get the job done, but there's a big difference between just getting by and going the extra mile. Yes, both a mini van in need of new shocks and a limousine will get you to the club, but one is far more comfortable than the other. So it goes with keyboards—in this analogy, membrane planks are the mini van and mechanical keyboards are the limos. The latter are typically more expensive, though right now you can snag Corsair's K68 RGB mechanical keyboard $84.99 on Newegg and type in style.

That's a $35 savings over its regular price, courtesy of punching in coupon code JANSALE27 at checkout. This particular version uses Cherry MX Red key switches. These are linear switches, meaning the keystroke is consistent and smooth (there's no tactile bump). Cherry MX Reds are also on the quieter side, especially compared to Cherry MX Blue switches.


Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Keyboard | Cherry MX Red | $84.99 (save $35)
This is an excellent gaming keyboard that uses Cherry MX Red key switches for a relatively quiet and smooth typing experience. It also offers some protection against spills. Use coupon code JANSALE27 for the full discount.

Beyond the key switches, the K68 RGB offers a few other amenities not usually found on basic keyboards. For example, it offers dust and spill resistance, so a spilled drink won't necessarily ruin your day (just your pants). You'll also find dedicated media controls above the number pad, customizable per-key RGB lighting, and an overall sleek and stylish design.

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