Corsair's gaming chair is down to $250, $50 off

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As we all sift through Prime Day deals searching for the perfect buy, we can't forget to practice a little self-care and shop around for a decent gaming chair. If you're like me your desk is sometimes your pseudo-couch and dining area.  A good gaming chair helps your posture and even helps with lower back issues. The Corsair T3 Rush is currently on sale on Amazon for $250, the lowest price we've seen since its launch.

The Corsair T3 Rush actually made it onto our best gaming chair page late last year. Its breathable soft fabric is a nice alternative to the faux-leather that's wrapped around most racecar-inspired gaming chairs.

Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair (Gray/White) | $300 $250

Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair (Gray/White) | $300 $250
One of the cleaner-looking gaming chairs out there, the T3 Rush can recline 180 degrees for easy napping, and the memory foam lumbar pillow is perfect to take care of your lower back. 

I've actually had a black version (unfortunately the sale is only on the Gray/White chairs) at my desk at the NYC office and I couldn't get over how comfortable the memory foam lumbar pillow was on my lower back, a trouble spot for me. The chair can recline back to a ridiculous 180 degrees in case you feel the need to take a mid-day nap.

You should note that the T3 Rush's seat fits gamers of smaller stature really well. It doesn't feel like you're sinking into a hole like some larger chairs. But likewise, if you require a larger seat, you may want to check out some different chairs. 

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