Corsair's budget gaming mouse is £15

Sometimes, you just really need some cheap gaming peripherals. Maybe you're on a budget, or need a spare in case your main mouse breaks, or you need an extra to take with you on a trip because you don't want to pack your expensive part away. The Corsair Gaming Katar mouse is small, and minimalist, but you can order one today from Amazon for just £15 assuming you're a Prime member. 

For a mouse labelled "Gaming," this is about as basic as you can get. You get a left click, a right click, a scroll wheel, and a button on top to switch the DPI, and that's about it, although all these buttons are programmable. If you're used to having side mouse buttons for those extra control options when you're playing a game, this probably isn't the mouse for you. The "Gaming" part of it is probably the 8000 DPI sensor which can be tuned on the fly, and of course, the backlit red logo is probably considered to be for gamers too. It's also an ambidextrous mouse, which is always handy for some. 

The Corsair Gaming Katar has an RRP of £40, but it's usually found for around £25-30. So today's price of £15 is a good 40-50 percent off. It's only available for Amazon Prime members though, and you may have to wait up to four weeks for delivery. If you're looking for something a little more complex and feature packed, check out our guide to the best gaming mice

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