AMD is exclusively powering the first Corsair Voyager gaming streaming laptop

The new Corsair Voyager isn't just another USB stick to add to the long-running storage family, it's the first ever Corsair gaming laptop and it's AMD-exclusive. In fact, it's not just a gaming laptop, either, it's being touted as the first gaming/streaming laptop, with AMD's Frank Azor touting it as a "truly mobile streaming solution" at the Computex keynote.

This is the first time the new Corsair Voyager gaming laptop has been shown, and is expected to be launched in June, though it has only been spoken about as a summer release so far.

Corsair is partnering exclusively with AMD and its AMD Advantage program. That means this will be an all-AMD machine, sporting "the latest Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics, enabled with the entire family of Smart technologies." Which presumably means we'll get some SmartAccess Storage love in there once Microsoft releases DirectStorage, too.

The Corsair Voyager is going for a 16-inch design and ships with a 240Hz WQHD+ display, which gives it a widescreen native resolution of 2960 x 1440. 

Of course it's Elgato which offers the streaming side of the equation, being a subsidiary of Corsair since being acquired in 2018. The FHD "streaming grade" webcam is part of it, supported by the Camera Hub software which runs it's excellent discrete Facecam.

But the thing that will make the Corsair Voyager stand out from the crowded gaming laptop marketplace is the 10-key streaming command centre sitting just below the hinge of the machine. This row of touch buttons is powered by the Elgato Stream Deck software, which might just make it something mobile streamers could get behind. 

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Are there mobile streamers? I don't know. But I'm sure there's a market for a streaming laptop. Y'know, for those rogue, outdoorsy Twitch streamers.

I've got to say, I think it's an odd-looking laptop from the pictures I've seen and from what Azor showed on stage. It very much looks like it wants to be an Alienware machine, but from maybe a couple years back. Though on first glance it does at least look pretty slimline.

But, damn, look at the size of that trackpad.

The Corsair Voyager is shipping this summer, from Corsair's own store, as well as the usual retail suspects and, interestingly, from another Corsair purchase, Origin PC. Apparently there will be customisable versions offered by Origin, though quite the extent of those offered customisations is still hidden behind the veil.

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