Corsair recalls compact SF power supplies following a rash of failures

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Corsair has issued a recall for a batch of SF series power supply units for small form factor PCs after experiencing "higher than normal RMA rates." The company said problems can arise when affected models are exposed to both high temperatures and high humidity, which "regrettably can cause the PSU to fail."

Every powered component in your PC draws power from from the PSU, either directly (most graphics cards, motherboards, HDDs, 2.5-inch SSDs) or indirectly though the motherboard (CPU, M.2 SSDs). However, Corsair says the faulty PSUs pose no threat to any connected hardware.

"We want to reassure customers that impacted units in no way risk damage to the components and hardware connected to your SF series PSU. This fault can occur only on the primary side of the PSU and is entirely isolated from the DC side of the PSU’s transformer that delivers power to your PC’s hardware," Corsair says.

Corsair's SF series models are compact units broken up into two high efficiency categories—80 Plus Gold models (600W and 450W) and 80 Plus Platinum models (750W, 450W, 600W). All of them are fully modular units.

The issue presumably affects all wattages, as Corsair doesn't exclude any models in its announcement. However, the company says the recall is limited to units manufactured between October 2019 and March 2020, with lot codes 194448xx to 201148xx.

(Image credit: Corsair)

To see if yours is affected, look at the label on the side of the PSU. The lot code is represented by the first eight digits below the barcode. Hopefully that doesn't mean pulling apart your whole PC....

If your happens to be recalled, you can submit a support ticket. Corsair will foot the return shipping bill, and also says it will "endeavor to offer advance replacement" of affected models "where possible."

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