Corsair is selling RGB light towers because what else is left?

(Image credit: Corsair)

Computer hardware makers are running out of things to apply RGB lighting to, so Corsair said, 'Screw it, here are some RGB towers, go to town'. Only the company was a bit more elegant in its pitch, saying these RGB towers allow you to "surround yourself in a symphony of color."

I felt like we could already do that, what with RGB being applied to case fans, keyboards, mice, RAM, motherboards, coolers, speakers, LED strips that you can attach to the back of your monitor, and the list goes on. Hell, there's even an RGB wig, as our friends at Tom's Hardware highlighted a couple of years ago.

There are very few stones left unturned. Now thanks to Corsair and its new iCUE LT100 smart lighting towers that "bathe your room in immersive ambient lighting," there's one less.

(Image credit: Corsair)

For $130, the starter kit packs two aluminum towers, each with 46 LEDs. They stand around 16.6 inches tall and are attached to a 3.74-inch base. A cable connects them to each other, and there's a separate micro USB to USB-A cable that plugs into your PC. They don't draw power from your right, though, as you also need to plug an AC adapter cable into an outlet.

You can face the lighting side towards you and pretend you're rocking out on stage in front of a crowd, or turn them around to bounce the lighting off your walls for subtler illumination. And if you need to kick things up a notch, you can purchase single units, billed as expansion kits, at $59.99 a pop. Each starter kit supports up to four towers in total.

Both are available now.

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