These RGB panels let you build 3D light sculptures inside your PC case

Corsair is a top supplier of ways to go completely overboard with RGB lighting—consider its giant 500mm case fan and super bright desk lights, as examples. Now the company has introduced a way for me to stick a light-up "J" for Jorge inside my PC, just as God intended. It'll hurt my finances, though.

The iCUE LC 100 accent lighting panels are magnetic mini-triangles you can slap onto the inside of your PC case, connecting them in whatever layout tickles your fancy. You can even make three-dimensional shapes, so if you want to set up glowy pyramids inside your gaming PC, no one can stop you (although they can judge you). 

Similar lighting panels exist online, but none are specifically designed for PC interior decoration. The iCUE LC 100 panels are controlled through Corsair's Lighting Node Pro controller and the iCue software used to configure Corsair's other RGB products. One controller node supports up to 18 lights.

Not a bad option if you wanted some lights inside your PC that are a bit fancier and weirder than a light strip

LC100 Accent lights set up as 3d pyramids inside a computer.

(Image credit: Corsair)

Your new RGB journey won't be cheap, though. The starter kit comes with nine panels and a controller node and retails for $129. If you want to add more lights, it'll cost you $100 for an expansion set.  

Jorge Jimenez
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