Cooler Master's compact Hyper T2 CPU cooler is on sale for $10

Are you looking for a compact cooler that doesn't cost a fortune? Good news—Cooler Master's Hyper T2 with dual heatpipes is on sale today for just $9.99.

That's half off its list price, and less than the cost of a movie ticket in may places. If you are not familiar with the Hyper T2, it is essentially the smaller brother to the Hyper 212 Evo, which is still one of our favorite air coolers.

The Hyper T2 has fewer heatpipes than the Hyper 212 Evo, but they loop around the aluminum block for form a continuous direct contact base with your processor. It also comes with a 92mm fan that clips onto the heatsink, and a universal mounting bracket to support most modern sockets.

You can find the Hyper T2 on sale at both Amazon and Newegg.

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Paul Lilly

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