Cooler Master launches a pair of air coolers with ‘aggressive’ RGB lighting

Cooler Master launched a couple of new air coolers today, the MasterAir MA610P and MA410P, both of which feature "aggressive RGB lighting." What exactly does Cooler Master mean by that?

The company is referring to how RGB lighting is implemented on these coolers. Specifically, both coolers are compatible with the top RGB motherboards to sync lighting with other hardware. They also come with their own wired RGB controllers with a mode switch button to cycle through six lighting modes, a color switch button, and a brightness button to select from five different brightness levels.

More important than the light show is the cooling potential, and in that regard, both coolers make direct contact with the CPU to whisk heat away through heatpipes—there are six of them on the MA610P and four of them on the MA410P.

The larger MA610P (little brother to the MasterAir Maker 8) comes with two 120mm MasterFan Air Balance fans out of the box that install in a push-pull configuration. The idea is to draw cold air from one side of the heatsink and then pull hot air out of the other side.

Only one fan comes packaged with the MA410P, though it supports a second fan in the same push-pull configuration as the MA610P.

Cooler Master says the MA610P (£65, which converts to $86) and MA410P (£40, which converts to $53) will be available within the next 2-3 weeks.

Paul Lilly

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