Cooler Master launches a 'hypnotizing' CPU liquid cooler

Peripherals of all kinds with RGB lighting are commonplace now, to the point where even your next toaster might have programmable LEDs (and a bunch of the best CPUs for gaming already do). Manufacturers have to find different ways of standing out, and Cooler Master's attempt to do exactly that has yielded a new liquid CPU cooler with a transparent cover.

Called the ML240P Mirage Pro, the new cooler uses RGB lighting, because almost everything does these days. The result, according to Cooler Master, is a "hypnotizing light show." To ensure you stay entranced, there's a new Mirage mode that Cooler Master added to its lighting control software, though I'm not exactly sure what it does.

As is often the case, the marketing angle is a bit overdone. However, kudos to Cooler Master for trying something new. In this case, the transparent pump cover lets you see the spinning impeller instead the pump head. There's an animated GIF of the effect on the cooler's product page, if you're interested in being hypnotized.

Beyond the aesthetics, this cooler sports a 240mm radiator with a pair of 120mm fans included. The fans are unique as well, with an outer ring that connects the fan blades, which Cooler Master says "reduces fan distortion and improves fan rotation stability." I've never experienced an unstable fan blade being flung from my system, but hey, if you want to play it extra cautious, there you go.

A copper cold plate, tri-phase motor with a "silent driver," and sleeved double tubing round out the feature-set. 

The ML240P Mirage Pro is available to preorder in the UK for £139.99. I've reached out to Cooler Master for availability and pricing information for the US and will update this article when I hear back.

Paul Lilly

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