Cooler Master builds a mechanical keyboard for Nvidia fanatics

Do you want to be a faster typist? Then maybe buying a mechanical keyboard that is somewhat themed after a graphics card will turbocharge your fingers. Or not. Either way, Cooler Master is now offering an Nvidia edition of its MasterKeys Pro L keyboard.

The themed keyboard has team green written all over it. In addition to a green colored backlight (what else?), Cooler Master scrawled "GeForce GTX" on the spacebar and slapped Nvidia's logo on the escape key. There is also a splash of graphics for added flair.

"The Nvidia edition MasterKeys Pro L is dressed with three custom Nvidia keycaps and a white steel back plate that aids the radiant green LEDs shine bright and true. Users can conveniently customize preset lighting modes without software including wave, responsive effects, breathing and have on-the-fly macro and profile support available to them," Cooler Master says.

Cooler Master opted for Cherry MX Red key switches, which are known for being silent (or at least quieter than some other Cherry MX keys switches, such as Blues). They're also linear and lightweight. Check out our guide on mechanical key switches to see how Cherry MX Reds compare to other types.

While not stated, we are 100 percent certain this plank will work with systems powered by an AMD graphics card. And if you're in a contrary mood, pairing this with an AMD-themed PC could be interesting, you just won't be able to overclock your typing.

Cooler Master is planning to sell this one only in Europe for €129. It will be available at the end of the month.

Also be sure to check out picks for the best gaming keyboard, just in case this one doesn't do it for you.

Paul Lilly

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