Cool both your graphics card and CPU with this all-in-one liquid cooler

Most all-in-one liquid coolers focus on a single component, either the processor or graphics card. A relatively select few cool multiple components. ID-Cooling's Hunter Duet is one of them, and now the company has come out with an improved version that offers better coolant pressure and ultimately lower temps.

The second generation Hunter Duet II is said to increase heat dissipation for both the CPU and GPU by 50 percent, TechPowerUp reports. That is due to having a bigger radiator—it now measures 360mm x 120mm, versus the 240mm x 120mm that was used for the original Hunter Duet.

Similar to its predecessor, the Hunter Duet II includes two pump blocks, one for the CPU and another for the GPU. It also comes with a cooling shroud and fan for the graphics card, which blows air over the aluminum heatsinks that cover the memory and VRM.

In addition to a bigger radiator, which ships with three fans attached, the Hunter Duet II adds support for new CPU sockets including AM4, LGA2066, LGA2011v3, LGA115x, AM3(+), and FM2(+). As for the GPU, the cooler supports most cards with mount-hole spacing of 58.4mm and 53.3mm.

There is not word yet on when this cooler will be available or for how much. As a point of reference, the original Hunter Duet debuted at $140 (MSRP) two years ago.

Paul Lilly

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