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Control, Remedy's mind-mending multidimensional shooter, will be out in August

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Epic announced yesterday that Remedy's upcoming interdimensional exploration-shooter Control will launch exclusively on its store. It's kind of ironic, then, that the release date was revealed today by the Microsoft Store, which said in a product listing for the Xbox version that it will be out on August 27. 

The product page (opens in new tab) has since been taken offline, and there's still no listing for it on the Epic Store. But we were lucky enough to have it confirmed by a rep, who said that the listed date "is accurate." 

Control promises to be a very strange experience about an evil force known only as The Hiss, who have overtaken the interdimensional nexus named The Oldest House and must be dealt with by Jesse Faden, the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control. It promises a strong focus on narrative and weirdness, as you'd expect from Remedy, but it varies from the studio's previous games structurally: The Oldest House functions as kind of a hub, with missions branching off of it.   

We got a preview of Control in November, and more recently Remedy and Nvidia rolled out a new trailer showcasing the game's GeForce RTX support. The focus is on graphics technology, obviously, but there's some interesting gameplay to be seen in there too: Floating people, a weird gun, Force-like superpowers, and the strange-looking man on the screen who's there to remind you that, yes, you are playing a Remedy game. 

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