Congratulations to the winners of CATFANTASTIC! [US only]


Thanks to everyone who played, listened, and just plain tolerated ELECTROCATFANTASTIC . In honor of PC Gamer's 300th US Podcast , we not only tortured one another with an electric stun wand as part of America's cruelest game show—we also invited loyal listeners to play along for a chance to win some FABULOUS prizes!

Congratulations to Andre Mitchell, Christian James Watson, Kristoffer Harrington, Andrew Gabriel and Richard Jones for allowing their names to be sullied in the pursuit of free kaboodle. They shall be rewarded with randomly-selected prize packs, which include a Diablo III Book of Cain book, a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic art book, a TOR-tastic mouse and headset from Razer, and a 1/7th-scale Star Wars Senate Guard Statue. Thankfully, the only real losers were the ones on mic. Haven't listened to ELECTROCATFANTASTIC yet? Do so NOW! Be sure to check your Twitter DMs and Facebook messages, you lucky winrars.


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