Conan Exiles update adds climbing mechanics

One of the first features Funcom's Conan Exiles locked down upon entering Early Access was adjustable dong sizing and realistic dong physics. Given much of the game's open world surviving involves crafting towering camps and multi-storied base HQs, it seems a wee bit odd climbing mechanics have only now been introduced. Nevertheless, they have—as have a few other nips and tucks of which those still roaming The Exile Lands and beyond will most likely find interesting. 

Firstly, players can now climb "almost anywhere in the game", be that mountain sides, ruins, walls, or trees, so says Funcom. Hitting space will stood in front of a climbable surface initiates each ascent, but running out of stamina will draw your mountaineering to a prompt halt. "This makes climbing great heights quite dangerous, as it can mean plummeting to your death if you run out of stamina before reaching the top," warns the developer. 

Climbing while donning heavy armour naturally drains stamina faster, however special climbing boots and gloves exist in the wild.

Update 28 also brings with it a new exploration system which better identifies specific map locations—read about that in full here—and the game's variation of the Unreal Engine has been upgraded from 4.12 to 4.15. 

Full patch notes can be read via this Steam community post. Restarting and/or updating your servers should activate the latest patch.