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Do you like playing games with excellent people? Good news: PC Gamer readers from all over the world have gathered to form groups and guilds in PC gaming's busiest games. If you'd like to get involved, visit one of our community sites, powered by Enjin.

If you'd like to start a PC Gamer guild or group in a game you're playing right now, let us know and we can add you to the list.

World of WarCraft - Our WoW guild has plenty of veterans. but remains very friendly to new players.

Guild Wars 2 - Twice a week our friendly GW2 community collaborates on Guild Missions across the breadth of Tyria.

Planetside 2 - Capture points, drive tanks, fly plains and shoot the silly purple Vanu in our well-drilled outfit.

Minecraft UK / Minecraft US - We're very proud of the extraordinary monuments our community has built on our Minecraft servers. Join the gang and help the builds.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Join the dark side and fight alongside fellow ToR players in probably our best-named guild, The Mint Imperials.