Coming right out of the screen: LG's glasses free 3D monitor

glasses free monitor

We've seen a couple of announcements about glasses free 3D laptops from ASUS and Toshiba , but LG has gone one better and produced a lenticular display for the desktop.

The D2000 is a 20inch screen with uses a similar technology to Toshiba's Qosmio F750 3D. There's a built in web came which tracks the position of your eyes, and adjusts the stereoscopic screen filter to the best position for a clear image. The result should be better than wearing passive 3D glasses, with less blurring around the edge of objects, but possibly not as good as using an active shutter system.

There is one massive downside. The D2000 will be launching in Korea with a price equivalent to $1,200, or £750. That's a lot of money for only one extra dimension - you can almost buy a TARDIS for that.