Where to find all the Warzone subway stations

CoD Warzone subway
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Need to travel across the map quickly? The new Warzone subway is by far the quickest way to get around Verdansk. There are seven metro stations to choose from, and they're dotted around the map, offering easy access to popular areas such as the Stadium, Airport, and Downtown zones.

As always, you'll be competing for survival as the gas cloud slowly encroaches. However, the new metro locations can help you reach the safe zones much faster than before, and increase your chances of reuniting with your squad if you get separated. Here's a map to help you find all the Warzone metro station locations, and some more information on what each metro station looks like.

(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Every Warzone metro station location

There are seven Warzone subway stations around Verdansk, and they all connect to form the 'North Line' metro system. Each subway location has a big entrance with a red 'M', and white 'Metro' sign hanging on the front. These stations are also topped with a curved roof, making them easy to spot when you're parachuting in.

  • Verdansk Int. Airport: D4
  • Lozoff Pass: F3
  • Verdansk Center: H5
  • Downtown Tavorsk District: G6
  • Barakett Shopping District: E7
  • Versansk Train Station: D7
  • Torsk Bloc: E5

After entering a station, you can travel in both directions, but just like boarding a real train, you need to make sure you're on the correct platform. Check the signs above to ensure you're waiting on the right side. Once you're ready to depart, walk onto the train and wait for it to pull away from the station to begin your journey. The screen will go dark for a few seconds as you fast travel, before pulling into your destination.

There are supply caches in some of the rooms on each platform, so if you have a few seconds to spare, you may as well spend them hunting for some gear. Keep an eye on the gas cloud as you go. The last thing you want to do is take an express journey directly towards it.

Verdansk Int. Airport subway station

The Airport metro station is located south of the row of three hangars at the Airport. Look for the two parked buses on the road surrounded by green and white buildings.

Lozoff Pass subway station

You can find Lozoff Pass in the long stretch of land south of the Military base, and north of the TV Station. It's right next to a tall, red building.

Verdansk Center subway station

This Verdansk Center station is just a stone's throw away from the Stadium, which you'll remember travelling to for the Stadium access code keycard. From the Stadium, head east to find it. It's easy to spot on the map, as it's just a rectangular building on its own.

Downtown Tavorsk District subway station

Downtown may be a built-up area, but it's metro station isn't too tricky to spot. It's on the east side of Downtown, by the yellow 'Currency Exchange' building with a red smiley face graffitied on the side.

Barakett Shopping District subway station 

There's little time for retail therapy in Warzone beyond Buy Stations, but you can still explore the Barakett Shopping District subway station in Barakett Promenade East. Use the big ferris wheel as a landmark and you'll stumble across the station opposite.

Verdansk Train Station subway station

The name gives it away, but yes, this metro station is almost on top of Verdansk's Train Station. In fact, it's just south of the main entrance to the Transit Station building, opposite a netted shelter.

Torsk Bloc subway station

Torsk Bloc isn't far from the main Train Station, either. Trek past the main Train Station building and walk north-east to find it sandwiched between the two curved high-rise buildings.

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