Co-op dungeon crawler Blightbound is having a free open beta test this weekend

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Co-op dungeon crawler Blightbound is coming to Steam Early Access next week, but before it gets there you'll have a chance to try it out for yourself, for free. Publisher Devolver Digital announced today that the game will be available to all in an open beta set to run on Steam from July 24-26.

Blightbound is an interesting mashup of other games and genres—"an RPG chimera," as we put it in our recent preview. "There's some Streets of Rage-style brawler action mixed in with a dash of old-school exponential Diablo numbers grinding," wrote Luke Winkie. "The art style brings to mind Darkest Dungeon and Oxygen Not Included—a lot of grimdark, graphic-novel heavy lines—but strategically, players are looking at interlocking synergies and Ultimate timers, akin to a MOBA."

It might sound cumbersome, but developer Ronimo Games is actually taking a light touch with just three classes at launch, each with clearly-defined abilities: Only healers can heal, only tanks can pull aggro, only wizards can launch ranged attacks, and so forth. Ronimo hopes that will encourage players to stick together and work as a team, and it should also make balancing the game during Early Access more of a manageable task. 

Blightbound is set to launch into Steam Early Access on July 29 at ten percent off its regular $20 price. To find out more about the game, hit up—or just play it this weekend.

Andy Chalk

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