Clustertruck, the game about surfing the tops of poorly-driven semis, is out this month

Our January summary of Clustertruck really nails it down: “An absurd action game in which you have to get from point A to point B by riding the tops of a long convoy of trucks whose drivers, from what I can tell, have never driven a truck.” At the time, it was expected to be ready for release in April, which did not work out. But today publisher TinyBuild announced that it will be out, for sure, on September 27.   

Clustertruck will come with more than 80 levels, as well as a level editor with full Steam Workshop support, and the minimal system requirements—2Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, Windows 7, and a DX9.0c video card—mean that it will run on just about any kind of functional PC. The gameplay in the new trailer looks absolutely chaotic, which is appropriate, since that's clearly what TinyBuild and developer Landfall Games are shooting for.

It's an odd thing for sure, but Tom seemed quite taken by it in his January hands-on. “The elegant cruelty of many of the traps and obstacles kept me interested and eager to reach the next set of levels,” he wrote, adding that a strong set of levels at launch combined with community-created content could elevate it from “an amusing distraction to a cult classic.” That's yet to be seen, but it's currently available for pre-purchase on Steam for 20 percent off, taking it to $12/£9, and TinyBuild said another “special pre-purchase bonus” will be announced next week.

Andy Chalk

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