Cloudpunk trailer teases a new driver's first night in the big city

I got my first look at Cloudpunk late last year and I loved it. I couldn't say what it was about, really, beyond a vague description about a driver for a grey-market courier company in a towering city of the future. But the mix of Blade Runner and pixel art looked, and sounded, so good that I was immediately transfixed.

Now there's a new trailer that reveals a little bit more about the game, in the form of a couple of Cloudpunk characters—Rania, the driver, and Control, who appears to be a slightly friendlier Louie De Palma of the future. There's also a shot of an interaction with an open-air diner, and a snippet of more overtly Vangelis background music. It's all very brief and still doesn't reveal much about the nature of the game, but I remain enchanted.

And we will be learning more about the game very soon. Developer Ion Lands said Cloudpunk will get its first public demonstration at the Tokyo Game Show, which runs September 11-15. Until then, you can find out more on Steam or the Ion Lands Tumblr.

Andy Chalk

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