Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 4 (1868 A.D. to 1951 A.D.)

The Unification gains ground

1898 A.D.: The Danish town of Ribe is captured by the UNK, bringing them one step closer to total unification.

Later in the year, the Celts denounce England, jeopardizing the makeshift anti-Roman alliance they are a part of.

While historically accurate, I'm not entirely sure why this happened.

1899 A.D.: UNK forces advance on the poorly-defended town of Roskilde, on the East coast of Denmark. Meanwhile, Rome proposes a defensive pact with the UNK. They refuse outright.

1902 A.D.: Roskilde is captured, and the UNK army sweeps down the coast toward the port town of Viborg.

By focusing my might on their smaller, outlying cities instead of a hardpoint like Aarhus, I'm weakening Denmark little by little and losing very little doing it.