Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 4 (1868 A.D. to 1951 A.D.)

Pressing the attack

1879 A.D.: The Swedes inflict massive losses as they outmaneuver and outgun the Danes at the Battle of Mt. Aarhus.

1880 A.D.: Danish forces try to slip between the Swedish lines by night, but are quickly caught in a pincer maneuver that results in their entire force being killed or captured.

Meanwhile a Greek operative warns Sweden that England is plotting against it. While this is not entirely unfathomable, Sweden elects not to give too much weight to intelligence being fed to them by the scourge of the Western world.

1881 A.D.: The Danish Western "army" has been reduced to little more than a guerrilla insurgency. Most uniformed regiments have pulled back to defend the capital at Copenhagen. The Swedish Grand Army splits into two Corps. One heads North for Ribe, while the other remains to continue the siege of Aarhus.