Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 4 (1868 A.D. to 1951 A.D.)

Roman conquest

Summer, 1895 A.D.: The Second Grand Army of the UNK arrives at the River of Storms and obliterates the Danish forces holding it. They turn their sights on Ribe, where the remaining Northern Corps of the First Grand Army continues their long siege.

Across the sea, Rome captures the remaining French city of Orleans, putting an end to the French Empire. The same year, they capture the Spanish capital of Madrid. The leaders of the free world begin to worry that Rome is becoming a greater threat than Greece ever was.

I've been wary of Rome ever since I met them, but have been trying to keep things civil between us. They're like a very large rottweiler that could bite your arm off if it wanted to, but is smart enough to see that the two wolves stalking around (Greece and Russia) would jump on it the second it attacked. It seems, though, that they've come down with a case of rabies and may need to be put down before they threaten the survival of myself or my allies.

Winter, 1895 A.D.: Austria publicly denounces the Celts, therefore indirectly putting their faith in the Danes and the Romans. The Treaty of Vienna is formally repealed, although it has been no more than a formality for the better part of a decade.

1896 A.D.: Norse researchers master refrigeration, and the UNK begins building offshore oil platforms.

These offshore platforms will let me eventually build units that need oil, like tanks, and give me more gold and production. I already had work boats waiting to exploit these resources. I should soon become easily the richest nation on the board.