Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 4 (1868 A.D. to 1951 A.D.)

The breaking of the Unbreakable City

Winter, 1910 A.D.: Vienna, the Heart of the West, called for millennia the Unbreakable City, falls to Greek forces. The ancient Austrian Empire is no more. With the massive loss of life inflicted in the Greek bombardment and sacking of Vienna, Sigtuna in the UNK becomes the largest and most influential city on the continent. Berlin, Greece is close behind.

The UNK makes immediate plans to defend Graz, now completely open to Greek attack. They also begin exploring the possible ways to strike against Greece when the time inevitably comes. The prime minister gives a famous speech, proclaiming Greece the greatest threat to peace and freedom in the known world. He laments the Austrian lives lost, swearing to take in any refugees who can make it across the border, and expresses his anger at the meaningless destruction brought upon a city known throughout the world for art, culture, and diplomacy.

Austria and I haven't always been the best of buds. My efforts to spread my religion of Awesomeness against the grain of their native Confucianism caused a rift between us that never really closed. But you know what? I'm mad now. Greece has gone too far, and without ever directly attacking me, they've made this personal. Once I seize the rest of Denmark, I'm drawing a bead on the heart of their empire, and waiting for the perfect moment to pull the trigger.

1912 A.D.: More weapons blueprints are stolen from Stockholm.

Well, having my spy network be slightly better than incompetent was fun while it lasted.

1913 A.D.: Advances in the field of explosives lead to Swedish cannons being replaced by the world's first howitzer artillery. The hardened 1st Artillery are the first to benefit from the retrofit.

Do you hear that? That's the sound of Denmark falling so hard, it resonated backwards through time.