Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 4 (1868 A.D. to 1951 A.D.)

Against all tyrants

1891 A.D.: A Great Scientist founds the Academy of Linköping in the Southwest Territories. It quickly becomes a saying that academic competition is Sweden's national "sport."

Thinkers at all of the major academies begin publishing papers on the nature of government and society. The Linköping Essays, perhaps the most famous among them, lead to the adoption of a popular vote democratic system that gives the people more control over parliamentary appointments.

I've adopted Sovereignty, which gives me gold for all of my Science buildings. And guess what? I have a lot of Science buildings. I've now exceeded the GDP of everyone except Greece and Rome, and probably passed Russia in terms of the hierarchy of superpowers.

Summer, 1893 A.D.: The UNK begins raising a second Grand Army to replace their losses at Aarhus, with the goal being the total annexation of Denmark. They turn all of their remaining front line troops toward Ribe, hoping that taking the smaller town will aid future attacks on Aarhus. Once Aarhus falls, the Swedish general advises Parliament, Denmark is as good as defeated.

A Customs House between Linköping and Turku brings sweeping economic growth to the Southwest Territories. A population boom hits as many impoverished citizens of Vienna seek fortune and religious freedom across the border.

Winter, 1893 A.D.: The UNK refuses another peace proposal by the Danes that would cede Ribe, but leave Aarhus and everything south of it under Danish royal rule. Rome speaks out against the UNK's insistence on continued war, declaring friendship with the Danish crown.

Furious with Rome, the UNK and their Celtic allies declare friendship with Rome's English and Spanish enemies.