Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 3 (1702 A.D. to 1868 A.D.)

The Fall of the High King

1849 A.D.: The Danes propose peace. While the High King and the United Stormlands Party wish to continue the war, the majority of Governor Generals from the Stockholm Valley, Westerlands, and Southwest Territories vote to accept the treaty. A brief revolt, known as the King's Storm, is suppressed and the reigning High King is executed. The office continues by a parliamentary appointment, but never again will a monarch hold significant political power in Sweden.

I've captured a city, and Denmark is still too far behind me in almost every area to be a threat. I need to start worrying about Greece before it's too late to worry.

1849 A.D.: Greece declares war on Austria. It is clear to the world that Greek thirst for conquest has gotten out of control. The Swedes seek to ally the rest of the continent against them, starting with an exchange of embassies with their once-enemies in Austria.

Rome requests a declaration of friendship. The Swedes accept, knowing that it may take a fully united North to halt aggression from power-mad Greece and Russia.

1851 A.D.: Swedish mediators ensure that peace is made between Austria and the Celts, the Greek threat weighs heavy on the minds of all Western nations. Austria publicly denounces Greece's Russian allies, spinning another thread uniting the North against the South.