City of Heroes successor City of Titans leaps onto Kickstarter


The Phoenix Project has landed in the streets of Kickstarter , hoping to bring four-color heroics and villainy in the spirit of City of Heroes back to the MMO space. The team at Missing Worlds Media is asking for $320,000 to make City of Titans, almost $190,000 of which they have already raised as of this writing.

"Missing Worlds Media is a virtual studio, staffed entirely by volunteers," the Kickstarter page explains. "We met online, shortly after it was announced that the doors were to close on the game which we had played and enjoyed for years. When a campaign to prevent the closure was sadly unsuccessful, we turned our efforts to creating a new home, where those heroes, vigilantes and villains left homeless could once again defend—or take-over—an entirely new world."

$50 gets you the game at launch and a month of VIP status (an optional monthly subscription that will confer certain benefits). At the crazy end of the throwing your money at the screen scale, you can create a custom weapon for $1,000, or design a costume texture only usable by your characters for $3,000. All backers at $10 and above will get their names on a central memorial in the game's main hub.

You can read more on Missing Worlds Media's site .