City of Heroes Animal Pack Giveaway

Capes and masks are overrated. Too few superheroes and villains sport giant horns, flowing manes or blood-encrusted hoofs capable of smashing skulls. The animal kingdom is a terrifying place (don't believe me? Just imagine how many deadly spiders have crawled across your sleeping body at night), and it's about to be unleashed in City of Heroes, via the latest Animal Pack.

Contest: The pack is released tomorrow, and we'll be giving away 20 copies as soon as it launches--read on to find out how you can win!

The Animal Pack will add 60 new costume patterns, 6 new emotes, 2 new auras and one new traveling power to the game for all you Twilight roleplayers: Beast run (go Team Jacob!). The rest of you have a righteous task set before you: use the Animal Packs to make anything other than werewolves to dilute the effect of these Twilight fans on the lovely City of Heroes playerbase.

The pack will be launching tomorrow for $10, but only chumps pay money for booster packs when PC Gamer is giving them away for free! To earn one of the 20 codes we have to give away, all you have to do is tell us in the comments below what animal in the entire spectrum of our furry friends would make the scariest villain, and what their signature attack/pose/catch phrase would be. We'll select our favorites at 10 AM PST on Wednesday and email the codes to them.